2015 Jul 04

Why Drew Barrymore Chose Her Beauty & Wine Businesses Over Acting


By Jill Sieracki


All-American actress and mother of two, Drew Barrymore discusses her blooming business, upcoming film, and why Sagaponack is close to her heart.


From high-end cosmetics counters to mass-market retailers, celebrity-endorsed beauty products are pretty much par for the course. But at the offices of Flower, Drew Barrymore isn’t just a face in the ads and the star power behind the publicity for her three-year-old cosmetics company, whose products are available exclusively at Walmart. She is an active executive, innovator, and frequent test subject. “After seven years with CoverGirl—I just had the best relationship and the best time—it taught me so much,” Barrymore says of the brand for which she’s a former spokeswoman. “When I was coming out of my contract, I got this opportunity to start my own cosmetics company, and I knew I would be a part of [choosing] the pigments, the packaging, the marketing, the messaging, the look, the feel—everything. It was all the things I loved doing [as co-creative director of her campaign at CoverGirl].”


Now, Barrymore—who fills her Instagram with selfies of herself covered in Flower brand lipstick smudges, patches of concealers, and a rainbow of nail polishes—is expanding her company to include Flower Eyewear, 36 prescription and sunglass frames perfect for a summer in the Hamptons. Plus, she still makes a little time for acting projects, with her upcoming release, Miss You Already. “I don’t work in films and movies so much anymore. I can’t. It would take me away from my kids too much, and I’m not willing to do that,” says Barrymore. “[Acting will be] every few years at best, and then I’ll just see how that goes. I’ve done two films in five years. And even those, I was like, Wow, I just don’t know how to do this right now with kids.”


Here, the actress talks about her new projects, including her recently released California Pinot Grigio from Barrymore by Carmel Road, spending time on the East End with “her very best friend” and Flower Films producing partner Nancy Juvonen, and prioritizing time with her two daughters, Olive, 2, and Frankie, 14 months, with her husband, art consultant Will Kopelman.

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2015 Jul 04

Another Large Gallery Update & New Site Theme!


2015 Jun 25

Large Gallery Update

I’ve been trying to update all the missing events. projects, and photo shoots I can but its going to take awhile. Here’s the first big update!



Gallery Links:

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2015 Jun 21

New Owner And Updates Coming!

Hi, I’m AliKat, the new admin at Miss Barrymore. I’ve been a fan of Drew’s since ET so when I saw this site was available, I just had to adopt it. I love so many of her roles, I don’t think I could pick a favorite. I really grew up watching her movies. Plus she seems like a wonderful woman in real life.


I’ve got a lot of site updates to make since it hasn’t had an admin in awhile so please drop by often to see the progress!

2015 Jan 20

‘Blended’ Stills

HQ production stills from Drew’s most recent movie, Blended, opposite Adam Sandler (marking their third collaboration together) have now been added to the gallery; link & previews are below, enjoy!

Gallery Link
Production Stills

2014 Nov 09

Missing Events Pictures (2014)

Gallery Links:
Sept 14 | The London 2014 Stella McCartney Green Carpet
Oct 9 | “Miss You Already” Afternoon Tea

2014 Aug 21

Drew Barrymore’s daughter Olive ‘reads’ Tina Fey’s memoir

article-2730339-20AADF7800000578-219_634x631 Like many mothers, she likely reads a variety of books to her child.
Now it looks like Drew Barrymore’s adorable daughter Olive is keen to learn how to do it for herself.
On Wednesday, the 39-year-old shared an Instagram showing her little girl, who turns two next month, on the beach holding Tina Fey’s book Bossypants and smiling radiantly as she flips through it.

The actress captioned the snap: ‘One of my favorite girls reading one of my favorite books written by one of my favorite women! #tinafeyrules #summerreading’
The tot is wearing a colourful, one-piece swimsuit with a light blue hat protecting her white blonde hair as she sits on a lounger next to a towel.
Her mother, art consultant dad Will Kopelman and four-month-old sister Frankie aren’t visible in the picture.